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Revitalize Your Interiors With a Fresh Coat of Paint
Whether you want white walls throughout your home or would rather give each room a unique look, Brent’s Home Restoration & New Construction is your best choice for interior residential painting.

A fresh coat of paint always makes an impression and is a great way to kick start a redecorating or remodeling project.

Tell us the paint color, texture, and finish you want to see, and then let us do the work.

Protect Your Home's Exteriors With Quality Paint
Your home's exterior paint is not only a big part of the first impression people have of your home, but it's also your first defense against the elements.

Let our expert painters ensure you get the best results. From proper surface preparation to careful cleanup afterward, our professionalism shows.
We are licensed and insured so you can relax while we do the work

Get Quality Painting Results at an Affordable Price
(231) 218-8379 today to get an estimate on our exterior and interior painting projects. We offer affordable options while using high-quality products on every job.

From painting a single room to the entire house, our skilled professionals can handle any job.

Timely Estimates | Warranties Available

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