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About: Fortified Framing

  • Following FORTIFIED specifications: This involves using specific types of fasteners, stronger connections between framing members, or additional bracing in high-stress areas.
  • Meeting wind load requirements: Depending on the location and wind zone, FORTIFIED may dictate using specific framing materials or techniques to handle high winds. Our team will meet with you onsight and conduct a proper assessment of the project goals. 
  • Focus on vulnerable areas: FORTIFIED emphasizes strengthening key areas susceptible to damage during severe weather. This might involve fortifying connections between walls and roofs, reinforcing roof trusses, or using stronger wall sheathing materials.

It's important to note that FORTIFIED is a program, not a specific framing method. Builders following FORTIFIED can use various framing materials like wood, steel, or concrete as long as they meet the program's requirements for the specific weather threats in the area.
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